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Repair And Replacement

How quickly can I schedule service?

Most callers can schedule an appointment within minutes. AGL operates one of the best US-based customer service centers in the industry, and we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (365 days a year). More than 96% of our calls are answered in the first 20 seconds, and can be immediately dispatched to one of 9,000 independent service providers. To get help,you won’t have to wait through long automated queues or transfers between foreign call centers.

What types of auto glass and vehicle models does AGL support?

Our network covers virtually all vehicle types including campers and Recreational Vehicles (RVs). From windshields to windows (including side glass), sun roofs to rear hatches, AGL customers benefit from one of the strongest distribution networks in the industry.

For commercial fleet operators, many AGL affiliates are also prepared to handle larger glass repairs on buses, construction equipment, trucks, and just about anything else that moves.

If your vehicle is older or rare, we will work with you to find the closest proven service provider and parts supplier to get that job done.

AGL will stay with you throughout the process to ensure consistent coordination from start to finish.

Is roadside service available 24/7 ?

Yes. AGL will begin processing your claim as soon as you call or email, getting in contact with your insurance company and using our industry-leading network to find and immediately dispatch the nearest proven service provider.

Will my damage require a chip repair or complete replacement?

Many small chips and dings can be repaired very quickly. If you have a larger area of damage – generally larger than a dollar bill – or a long crack, a full replacement may be necessary. Our service provider will be able to assess if a repair or replacement is needed and discuss any options you might have.

If I get a small chip or crack repaired, will I still need to get a replacement in the future?

Every auto glass incident is different, but depending on the size and position of your original damage, you will probably always see a faint outline of the original repair work. In very few cases, a crack that was repaired may begin to reopen or fail. If that happens, AGL will credit your previous repair against a replacement.

How quickly can I get back on the road?

Many of AGL’s customers complete the entire process – from first call to repair and replacement work – the same day. But it also depends on the type of incident, your location and whether or not your vehicle can be safely repaired wherever you are.

Your insurance paperwork generally follows in 2-4 working days.

How do I know if you offer service in my community?

Most likely, because AGL has a network of more than 9,000 independent local service providers across the United States, Puerto Rico and much of Canada. One of the first things AGL’s call takers do is to contact the nearest service providers, confirming parts availability and dispatch time.

Is it true that glass can only be replaced in certain weather conditions?

Every auto glass incident requires a unique solution. Most chip repairs can be done at your home or office, or any other safe roadside location. But different types of auto glass replacement work, particularly windshields, require a special waterproof sealant that can not be applied in cold temperatures and needs two hours to set before the vehicle is safe to drive. AGL’s service providers will always brief you on repair or replacement strategies, including the need to perform work inside a heated (environmentally controlled) facility.

Payment and Insurance

Do I have to pay a deductible?

Insurance coverage varies by insurer and state. In most cases, if your car is registered in a state that does not have a deductible, your insurance pays for the full cost of repair or replacement.

Does my insurance company pay for everything up front?

If you don’t have a deductible, your insurance company pays all costs associated with your auto glass repair or replacement. If you do have a deductible, AGL will work with you and your insurer to make sure the full claims process goes smoothly and quickly.

What types of payments do you accept, and will I need to pay cash if someone is dispatched to provide roadside repair?

AGL’s service providers will always accept cash and major credit cards. Depending on where you are, some service providers may be willing to accept a personal check if you can provide other forms of identity verification.

Our Company

Why AGL?

AGL has no ownership interest in any installer, product manufacturer, or wholesale/retail source of supply; ensuring total independence and freedom of choice within AGL’s 9,000 proven Service Provider Network. AGL’s independence is both significant and timely, as more and more state legislatures are now focusing on consumer auto glass claims conflicts of interest, anti-competition, and anti-steering laws.

AGL monitors an innovative marketplace of independent service providers, and then coordinates all of the administrative work to provide you with seamless one-stop shopping for all your auto glass needs. This approach allows us to focus on what we do best: the logistics of finding and dispatching a proven service provider and handling all of the insurance and other paperwork involved. Our priority is providing you with unparalleled service and the freedom to choose the best solution for your auto glass needs.

Do you offer a warrantee or service guarantee for your work?

Yes. For as long as you own and keep your vehicle registered, AGL guarantees all of our Network’s glass repair/replacement workmanship and materials from a defect in each, and will re-repair/replace at no cost or charge; excepting only causes from subsequent events unrelated to AGL’s service.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?