Industry-leading claims processing and customer service,
And the power of choice.
Our promise to every customer.

Auto Glass Logistics specializes in handling end-to-end auto glass referrals. AGL will provide whatever level of support each insurer requires. From locating and dispatching to a proven service provider, to First Notice of Loss (FNOL), vendor payment, industry-leading auditing, coverage verification, invoice management and scheduling to provide your customers with a seamless and responsive experience, we do it all.

Our call takers and dispatchers are exceptionally qualified to provide the highest level of customer service, and the approximately 9,000 independent service providers across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are screened to ensure the delivery of consistent service for all customers.

Most importantly, we offer you and your customers the competitive advantage of choice: we don’t own repair shops or manufacture glass, so when a call comes in we work with the customer to find the best solution. Period.

To learn more about the consumer protection legislation and legal trends effecting the auto glass repair and replacement industry, and the ways that AGL is working to mitigate risks to insurers, please see the announcements on our Press Page.

For more information about AGL and our industry-leading services, please visit the About Us and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages of this site, or simply call us 24/7.

Toll-Free Glass Repair Hotline: (855) AGL-8264 / (855) 245-8264